The Storm Before the Calm

The thunderstorm before the calm. I suppose life is like that. We face challenges, and for the most part we learn and are stronger after they roll through. Many of our most meaningful accomplishments come as a result of a fight, or at least after some work. But it sure is hard to see while the storm is raging.

Our first breath is a struggle. Sometimes we suffer, only to take our last. But in the long run it’s not really the challenges that matter, nor the accomplishments. It’s our response that defines us; the choices we make during the storm. The destruction from the thunderstorm is ultimately balanced by the nurturing rain, and the calm that follows can be a place of new perspective and renewal.

This Christmas, we reflect on the life of a beautiful soul. Sherri’s thunderstorm has passed; ours continues for a little longer. But the Christmas story reminds me to be patient for the calm. When love is born it produces a light we may choose to follow; and peace comes from a deliberate journey toward it.

Let’s see what the New Year brings.

Dave, Zia and Anji Cooper

Special ornaments.

Special ornaments.

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