Hello Friends. I guess you could say we’ve settled into a new routine so maybe that’s why we haven’t had urgent updates lately. As of Monday April 7, Sherri has completed four rounds of immunotherapy at Johns Hopkins. The symptoms left over from chemotherapy are getting milder, and overall this is a much better place than being a chemo patient. Each treatment brings fatigue, plus an immediate immune response with some fevers, local soreness and itching that seems to be settling down within a few days. It’s still not a routine you’d wish for, but it’s manageable.

Last week we had the first CT scan to monitor progress since the start of the immunotherapy regimen. The results were pretty much status quo – no substantial progress or backsliding. We’ll take it! The research doc was not surprised or worried about a stable result at this stage, and we are planning to stay the course with the trial for now. The first 4 treatments were spaced about 3 weeks apart, but now we go to a planned 8 week schedule with a checkup in between. Next on our Hopkins docket is a checkup in May and another scan and vaccine treatment in June. In the meantime, we’ll check in with the FCCC team and get some feedback on the reported observations from the last CT scan. ¬†Hopefully having an 8 week rest period will also give Sherri some time to rebuild her hemoglobin levels to help fight the fatigue. Hopkins collects blood every visit for tests and to use in the trial research, and her hemoglobin has slowly declined.

We continue to be blessed with the outpouring of support for Sherri and our family. I know you all say you don’t need or expect thanks, and that you are happy to help out. But thank you!! As we progress through the steps we must take on this journey, having you walk with us really does shift the balance toward a more positive attitude and therefore a more positive outcome. Not to get all mushy and philosophical on you, but love makes the world go around and we are feeling us some love!

Thanks Bryn Athyn College Women’s Lacrosse for the Shooting for Sherri event April 17 at 4pm! Rock the Purple!