Plus or Minus

Hello fans,

We’ve been hovering around a balance point with the CAR T-cell immunotherapy for several months now. There are pluses and minuses…

On the plus side, Sherri’s scan on Nov 5th indicated that the tumors have remained stable. We have another checkup scheduled at UPenn on Dec 4th then one more in January. So far she’s staying off the chemo to see if those T-cells can continue to hold the line on their own.

On the minus side, she has an outbreak of shingles in her eye and the right side of her head, woke up with a fever on Wed, and then found out her hemoglobin levels are below the threshold. So in place of the chemo, we have antivirals, anibiotics, and a blood transfusion going on. Um, is this really necessary? Maybe her immune system is distracted? I guess it’s all about priorities in there. By the way, Sherri recommends that we all consider getting a shingles vaccine. They are available from your primary care doc, but often you have to ask for it. Might be worth consideration, as I’m sure anyone who has endured shingles would attest!

In any case, we have been pressing forward with some travel plans recently. The picture below will confirm that we made a trip to North Carolina to hang with the Beaufort Blues gang – Sherri’s network of friends from their days at Duke Marine Lab. It was outstanding to see you all again — thanks for the effort to get everyone together and for your relentless support of Sherri at every level. We also made a trek through the east coast nor’easter on Thanksgiving eve to gather with Sherri’s family in a Bloomsburg PA winter wonderland for the holiday. We appreciate 4-wheel-drive, heat in the fireplace, good company in a busy household, slow-cooked turkey, and too many desserts.

Wrightsville Beach with the Beaufort Blues Band of Brothers and Sisters. Photo courtesy of Neil.

Wrightsville Beach with the Beaufort Blues Band of Brothers and Sisters. Photo courtesy of Neil. 11/22/14

Today is Sherri’s first ever blood transfusion. So while we are on the subject of Thanksgiving, thank you to whoever you are out there who donated your blood for the benefit of others. And thanks to everyone who makes it their mission to heal.