Sherri’s primary love throughout her academic career was mentoring research students. In honor of her work and priorities, the Sherri Rumer Cooper Research Fund has been established to support science research at Bryn Athyn College. Income from this fund can be used to support both faculty and students.

If you would like to find out a little more and/or contribute to this newly established fund, you can find out more on the on the BAC website under Academics -> Research -> Sherri Rumer Cooper Research Fund.



Erica set up a meal schedule and asked us to post this link: Take Them a Meal

What a nice gesture! Thanks.


All the riders together raised $2.1 million for Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. Hopkins was the site for Sherri’s first clinical trial in immunotherapy. Peter was a college buddy of Sherri’s at Duke Marine Lab. Thanks Bear!

Peter Griffith rides to support cancer research.


This event on the Bryn Athyn College campus on Mothers’ Day raised over $800 for cancer research! Classic blue sky spring day for an outdoor concert. Thanks to the bands, the groupies, and the dancing babies for a great event!



Sporting the purple! Now you’ve gone and guilted Coop into running again…

14-05-04 E-Broad Street Runners After Race



Sherri’s long-time friend and professional cellist Tom Rosenberg came to town in February to honor her with a wonderful community recital. Tom was joined by pianist Elise Auerbach who also volunteered her time and talents. Thank you to the artists, to hosts Glencairn and Bryn Athyn College, and to everyone who participated in the event!





Bryn Athyn College Men’s and Women’s basketball host Penn State Brandywine on Thursday Jan 9 @ 6 pm and 8 pm. The two teams kicked off the Purple Game series for winter sports by wearing purple in support of Pancreatic Cancer research. The event raised $1,450 for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (!


The BAC Ice Hockey Team hosted another Shooting for Sherri event at their home rink on Jan 31.


BAC Lacrosse carries the spring Shooting for Sherri event on the new athletics field on Apr 17th!

Thank you teams and fans!



Sherri and I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all you people out there sending love and prayers, weeping on our behalf, pounding your fists in frustration with us (but not pulling out any hair – that’s precious stuff), offering and providing all manner of support and assistance whenever we’ll let you… We’re feeling it. Thank you. We have not been able to respond to each of you individually, but know that we see your comments and posts and re-read them regularly. They are a source of strength and energy.


If you would like to request that we add something to this page, please email

32 thoughts on “Support

  1. Dear Sherri,

    Your friends, your children’s teachers, and your pastors send you tons of love amid tears with the news of your condition. Please take heart knowing that the goodness and gentleness you have brought into our worlds have had a lasting effect and that we are praying your treatment will have a speedy and beneficial effect. May the Lord send His angels to hold you, keep you and bring you strength.

    Phil and the whole BACS community

  2. The R-Cooper family is sending tons of love and prayers and would love you to know that we will do anything!

  3. Sherri , Dave and family,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time. May God give you the strength and peace you need for this battle. Love and best wishes
    Rick and Angela Bond

  4. Dave and Sherri,
    The battle against cancer is the toughest battle anyone has to got through. But you are not alone. You have many friends and family to lean against. My best advise: stay positive! The more you update the blog with positive thoughts, the more they are instilled in you.
    Stay strong. You have our prayers and thoughts.

  5. Hang in there with the chemo. Find out from your oncologist how long you can expect the side effects to last and hold on to the fact that you WILL feel better. For mild nausea, lots of people like Trader Joe’s or Ginger People’s ginger candy to suck on (for the significant nausea, you have to go with the Odansetron or other drugs). Get massages. Take bubble baths. Let Dave rub your feet. Let this down time that has been forced on to you be a blessing if you can. Best wishes and prayers — Shar

  6. 8/24/13

    Dear Sherri, Dave, Zia and Angie,

    Not the sort of family adventure one hopes for, and we wish you all strength during the days of treatment and recovery.

    You are a kind and gentle person, Sherri, and you and your family are constantly in our hearts and prayers.

    Warmest love to you all,

    U. Bob and A. Joan

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  8. You are all in our prayers. We’ve always loved your grace and good humor, and that seems likely to be a source of continuing strength. If we can provide anything (e.g., especially in the form of chocolate or musical therapy), please let me know and provide the best address for us to use when sending stuff. Otherwise, I’ll have to whine at George & Mary, and even their patience has limits.

  9. You certainly have a terrific support crew surrounding you. Positive attitude and love will do amazing things. Lots of love and prayers coming from the Deitrick clan in Pennsylvania. You can absolutely do this…

  10. Thanks for the update, Dave. The Lermitte family’s love,prayers, and support of kick it in the pancreas are right with you, Sherri, Zia, and Anji. Sending prayers for strength, healing, and laughter and love in the perfect amounts for each of you.

  11. Sherri,

    You are a super person and — although it’s been too long since we said hello — a wonderful friend. Know that Amy and I are thinking of you and your family every day. And while just-south-of-DC to just-north-of-Philly is not as close as Mona Drive to Eggert Road, don’t hesitate to call on us for anything.


  12. Our love and prayers are with you. Wish we could be closer so we could help out. Keep the faith and never give up.

  13. Sherri – keep fighting. I think of this beautiful dark-haired girl at DUML full of energy, curiosity and adventure, you have more to experience and move people to touch.

  14. I am George Turner’s friend who played taxi. FIGHT, FIGHT FIGHT! If you need it, there is plenty of room at my place in Raleigh for free, if you are at Duke. No limits, no charge. Please feel free to give me a call on my home phone. I am guessing accommodations would be about 14 miles from the hospital!

  15. Dear Sherri,

    be strong and beat this cancer! I know that you can do it!!! I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, and I know that you will be just fine at the end!

    Ania Wachnicka (Miami, FL)

  16. Glad to hear a tone of positivity! HOpe that continues.

    I’m wondering if having meals delivered is still a good and useful thing for you at this time, or whether there are other needs we might be helping to do for you?

    Sending love in any case!

  17. Dave, you have such a gift of making the complex understandable. Thank you for sharing this journey. Many will benefit from what you have to say. Best of all God’s grace, all good science, and all good will to Sherri and your family. We’re rooting for you all here in MD.

  18. So today – a few days before Thanksgiving. Thanks Dave – for continuing to keep us informed in such an artful way – so appreciated. (I love the genetics rap!) Thanks Sherry – for your heroism in this battle, for your commitment to this journey. We know it can’t feel good most of the time, but we hope it feels good to be getting better, slowly, cell by cell, day by day. Thanks Community – how lucky we all are to have angels on this Earth that touch our lives and support us every day, especially in the worst of times. Thanks to God – although we don’t understand these trials completely, we are trying to trust the process, from an eternal point of view; we also feel your Arms lifting our broken arms through each moment, and are grateful.

  19. Another blizzard is upon us, but;

    When the night has been too lonely
    And the road has been too long,
    And you think that HEALTH is only
    For the lucky and the strong,
    Just remember in the winter
    Far beneath the bitter snows
    Lies the seed that with the sun’s love
    In the spring becomes the rose.

    Sending warm wishes to you Sherri : )

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  22. Just caught up w. your wonderful blog, Dave, and the support comments on this page. We’re “Shooting for Sherri” – and we aren’t very good with basketballs or pucks. We do wear purple. You are an incredible woman, couple, and family. How YOU can inspire US when YOU are going through all this is stuff is incredibubble. Ipi ki-yay! May this experiment move you and cancer research closer to kicking this cancer where it hurts, and stops hurting you. Oodles of love from up north.

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  24. Sherri – it has been ~100 years! Janet, John K and Bill B pointed me to this site. As folks have noted, an amazing, impressive and inspirational site.
    Seeing the picture of you and Tom shot be right back to Eggert Road and North Drive!
    My thoughts and positive vibrations are sent your way.
    Of course, in that I live in California, the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” is also operative!

  25. It is so good to hear that things are looking up. Do know that we personally are keeping you and yours in our prayers. Also our Sunday School class has had you on our collective prayer list for I don’t know how long. I know it must be hard, but keep up the work, it seems to be working. Love ya’ll, B&CT

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  27. Sherri, I am so proud of you and your wonderful family. Sorry that it has taken me so long to get this note to you, but I am so proud of you and the strength that you are showing with this battle you are fighting so bravely. The Lord is with you and will bless you abundantly. I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers, you are also on our prayer list at church and many of my other friends are also providing prayers and support. So know you have a BIG army talking to the Lord about killing this cancer and letting you continue to be an abundant blessing and example for other’s here on Earth. I love you dearly and would love to see you. Keep up the faith and know it is a win, win battle. In closing, my prayer for you, is that you will win this Earthly battle and continue to serve here on Earth. Also that you feel Our LORDS warm, soft, omnipotent love and caring wrapped around you like angel’s wings, as you continue fighting this battle with love, faith, hope and patience. Love and caring, Aunt Lillian

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  29. Hi Sherri and family,
    I am remembering a day when we had our best heart to heart talk maybe a decade ago, when the breast cancer was the issue…that seemed huge enough for one brave woman to have to deal with. Now, with other cancer invading your body, it just does not seem fair……. I admired you so much when you were active on campus when you said you were not afraid to publish in scientific journals….something that terrifies most of us. I guess you are using that same incredible courage to tackle this round of cancer. I’m not in BA much anymore…gradually retiring across several years. However, I just read most of this blog/update and my heart is with you, even if I live over a 100 miles away. I am so very sorry for this struggle and wish I had the power to make it go away. Soni

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