Honoring a Life

On Saturday Dec 5, 2015 at 3;30 pm we will hold a memorial service for Sherri at Bryn Athyn Cathedral (900 Cathedral Rd., Bryn Athyn PA 19009). The service will be livestreamed. During preparations, it has been shaping up more like a celebration of life than a farewell event. There are so many people involved, I can’t possible know or acknowledge you all. Here are a few examples, though. Special music will start at 3 pm, featuring cellist Tom Rosenberg, a friend of Sherri’s since second grade. Additional music selections during the service will be performed by Sherri’s friends and former students. The service will be conducted by Rev. Dr. Jonathan Rose, who has spent many hours with Sherri and me over past 2 years, talking over important stuff about life. Yup, a valued friend.

There will be a reception immediately following the service, at Bryn Athyn College’s Doering Center for Science and Research. The College is hosting this event in Sherri’s honor, and Dr. Allen Bedford, Dean of Academics, will facilitate people who may want to say a few words. Several adminstration and faculty members intend to reflect on Sherri’s impact at the College. Friends of ours. The College has also established a memorial trust that will encourage faculty and student research. Information on how to contribute to the Sherri Rumer Cooper Research Fund can be found on the Support Page. Might as well call it the friends of Sherri Cooper fund.

All of these meaningful tributes to Sherri’s life are but the tip of the iceberg. There are event organizers, volunteers, walking buddies, meal providers, pay-it-forward cleaning and yard crews, afternoon visitors, advisors, sponsors, pen pals. People have covered for us, and anticipated what we might need. And you don’t seem to expect anything in return.

Thanks friends. We are honored to know you.

2 thoughts on “Honoring a Life

  1. I feel honored to know you, too, and send much love your way as preparations for the memorial service and reception take shape. Within less than two days, we will gather together to honor Sherri. I hope you and your families will feel lifted up and carried through these days, and far beyond. Wishing you peace … Jodi

  2. Dear Dave,
    I am so very sorry that Jack and I are unable to attend the service for Sherri in person due to a long-scheduled event at our house this weekend. However, we will be with you in spirit as we will be at home between 3:30 and 5:00 and will be watching the live-streamed service. It’s wonderful that the church will do this so those of us unable to travel there can feel a part of the celebration of Sherri’s life from a distance. Our love is with you and Zia and Anji.
    Much Love, Denise

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