Newton’s Third Law

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  Although Sir Isaac was not into chemotherapy as far as I know, he seems to have nailed this one too. Dish out a hit? Look for a rebound.

The last couple of days have been about managing the cycle of damage and regeneration. Following our short excursion to the emergency room last week, we’ve pretty much been treading the predicted path. Action, reaction. Sherri is experiencing most of the usual side-effects from her recent cell destruction escapades, but for the most part she turns the corner in a few hours with application of the prescribed antidote. Since this is our first time out, it’s a bit unpredictable. We are trying to keep track so we can make some adjustments and maybe anticipate on the next round, if not to prevent side effects at least to deflect them. Sherri’s white blood cell counts are probably dipping low as we approach next weekend. The effect is waning energy, and having to lay off the raw sushi for a little longer while her immune system recovers from the smackaroo (don’t worry, she’s not that disappointed – she likes the veggie stuff anyway).  Also no visitors with colds, please… There are a few odd effects like extra sensitivity to cold in the finger-tips and strange feedback from the mouth and taste buds.

Zia and Anji started school this week, so there is new energy in the house!  Zia is a freshman in high school and Anji is in 7th grade, in case you were wondering. We are keeping the major balls in the air so far, with help from our friends.

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5 thoughts on “Newton’s Third Law

  1. my brother… the fact that your humor is as sharp as ever assures me that you have the strength to make it through this ordeal – and carry all of us along with you! Thank you for the news and the reassurances. And my sister – I hope you can absorb all of the positive energy and love that is flowing to you to beat back this nasty monster! (and I don’t mean Dave) :) Love you all – Z and A too!

  2. Well hello, we have never met, but I feel like I know your family, as I’ve worked with Sherri’s sister Sandy at the Cat Clinic for 5 years, and have seen all her photos of family visits with you. Thank You for taking the time to keep friends, family and strangers up to date with how things are going – I hope documenting things here as they happen is a kind of therapy for you.

    Of course we are very strong supporters of keeping thorough medical records (although we are more used to those about cats!) Great idea to be documenting initial doses, side effects, and responses to treatments, so the Dr’s can work out the best doses of the most effective chemo cocktail.

    Just wanted to let you know even strangers in Town of Wales, NY are sending positive thoughts your way

  3. Stay strong neighbors! Sherri your words have echoed through my head quite a few times this week. “I have so much to be grateful for” inspired me. We have to rise above these hiccups and play the hand that’s dealt us the best we can. Let me know if you need anything. xx BB

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