Roller Coaster

If you are one of those people who abhor roller coasters (like me), you’ll get what I mean. The ups and downs are not that much fun, really. We’ve seen most of the effects predicted for the first chemo treatment now (with some unexpected), and it’s hard not to dread what it will feel like when we get slung around the next blind corner. Note to chemo: you’ve been on all the rides now, so let’s settle down for a nice cold drink and watch the fireworks!

One thing that really seems to help is getting up and out for some fresh air and steady exercise. Not always at the top of your to-do list when you are not feeling good, but in Sherri’s case getting out and walking for a few miles on her favorite trails in the Pennypack Trust¬†seems to get the system charged up for action. We’ve had a few breakthroughs after a long walk, though we’ve found limits on that too (maybe some days are meant just for rest).

Sherri has made an effort, generally with success, to be present for the girls as they prepare for school each morning and often in the evenings too. She’s made breakfast, packed lunches, braided hair, and does their homework when they can pay her (OK, she’s a teacher, so of course the girls get only appropriate guidance…). Sherri gracefully accepts household chores whenever she is able, because they are the great normalizer. Pacing herself is the name of the game.

Next up: Meeting on Wednesday with another oncologist referred by Sherri’s GI specialist at UPenn. Then the next chemo infusion on Thursday.

We’ve appreciated all your hopeful, helpful, tactful, physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Our love to all. Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Roller Coaster

  1. Dear Sherri and David,

    The roller coaster report is encouraging, in spite of the ups and downs. The Cooper family is being supported in prayer by so many. We all are on this journey together with you.

    God bless the Cooper family today.
    Dad & Sallie

  2. As with all things in life, do not let the HIGHS get too high…or the LOWS get too low…and just keep an even perspective. Know that all of our support is with your family!

  3. Love you, Sherri. So glad you’re taking some time to walk in the Pennypack when you feel up for it. Think of you all and pray for you all daily. :) and missing you down the hall! Can’t wait for you to come back! Xx

  4. Hi Sherri ,
    I enjoy the personal but just the right amount of humor updates. I had no idea Dave was so funny. I am also glad to hear of your walks in penny pack .i also admire your strength and your courage. You, Dave and the girls will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Always thinking of you

  5. So far at school, in homeroom and Latin class, Zia seems to be on an even keel. She is focused and socializing, and all seems well.

    I have you all in my prayers each day. God bless.

  6. Dave!
    Thanks so much for these up-dates and reflections! They are informative, warm, powerful, funny! What a wonderful mix. Thinking of Sherri, you and the girls! Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you! Walking sounds like a perfect activity to be both open and focused.

    May the Lord’s blessings be with you all,

    Jane and Michael

  7. Sherri and Dave,
    Ever since I heard the news of your illness a week or so ago I have been so unsettled about the situation that I just
    have been unable to respond. I know too much about the disease, and I know something about you from knowing
    your parents as well as yourself, and I know that there’s a hell of a battle going on. I’m glad that you are finding
    diversions and have the strength to participate. I would like to give you a big old Tripp hug, but this will have to do
    for now:

    Love, hugs, and prayers
    Calla and Kelley

  8. Coopy and Sherri — Wish I could give you some extra strength for the battle — or at least a stronger stomach for the ups and downs. But I CAN bring you a pie tomorrow — just took it out of the oven. I hope a new chemo infusion doesn’t do away with Sherri’s appetite…. Loving you every day!


  9. Sherri and Dave,
    Thank you for the continued updates. We hold you both up in our prayers at daily devotion time. We are thankful for your strength and know that this thing can be beaten. Warren’s cousin, Bob Jones, just got an all clear report from his oncologist team after a long fight with small intestine cancer. What a fight it was, against all odds. We thank God for his outcome. Hope you can continue to enjoy the Pennypack Trust walks as the beautiful fall season approaches. Love and Hugs,

    Warren and Aneeta

  10. Okay, I think I’m ready now. I just couldn’t get past my own sadness knowing your family is going through this trial – again. Or that Sherri’s plan to help others got reversed so quickly that she’s on the other side of that equation – again. Sigh. Still, when I drive to work each day, and round the bend past the Science Building, I see ‘our’ window and smile. It will always be our window – a window that opens with life and humor with the willingness to share. Isn’t that a wonderful image/metaphor? Thank you, Sherri! And now, our commissioning service is this weekend, but I anticipate it with such mixed feelings – such is the paradox of life. Speaking of which, I appreciate the updates of what yours looks like from the inside, and think it generous of you to include us in this most intimate story. Blessings to you all. With love, Jodi

  11. Wow, I so wish you could just got off of the ride and leave it in the dust! Sherri, your strength amazes me. It always has, but this is taking it to another level. Coop, your humor and steadfast quiet-and-ever-present strength, I am sure is the rock your girls all need. A day doesn’t go by without our love and prayers going Up and out for you all.

    Love and hugs, Pamela and Bones

  12. The roller coaster metaphor is exceptionally apt, Coop: the sensation of being out of control, not knowing what is around the next bend, heart in the roof of the mount, head spinning as you loop the loop, queazy stomach as you go over a hump at speed, then relative calm as you climb up to start the whole cycle all over again. And then there’s the obvious point that, like you, I have come to regard fairground rides as a purgatory that one endures, with as little outward sign of inner distress as one can manage, when all possibility of escape is gone, only the sake of one’s kids. I’d forgotten that you were such a wordsmith. Thanks for putting that skill to the good purpose of keeping Sherri’s far-flung well-wishers up to speed. We’re all rooting for you, Sherri!!! Corragio! Forza!! Avanti!!!

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