Sherri slipped away from us at 11:23 pm on 11/23. The timing must be symbolic; maybe it says there is meaning in the smallest details of our lives, and right to the transition point. Sherri’s life carried meaning to many people, and I am continually amazed at her impact. We will miss her tremendously.

Remarkably, she approached her final moment with a smile on her face and a sparkle in her eyes. She seemed to be gazing out into a realm that we can only imagine.

So I imagine a mother in the beauty of her prime, waiting for her children with patience, unlimited by time. I imagine a daughter reunited with her mother and looking at her face as if in a mirror. I imagine a sister who always keeps in touch, finding a way to call. I imagine a scientist discovering but looking further still. I imagine a teacher offering truth to inspire. I imagine a friend listening with calming eyes. I imagine a beautiful soul living, unlimited by time.

We are planning a memorial service and celebration of Sherri’s life at the Bryn Athyn Cathedral on Saturday, December 5, 2015 at 3:00 pm. There will be a reception following the service, right across the street at the Bryn Athyn College Grant R. Doering Center for Science and Research, the science facility that Sherri worked to establish and believed was vitally important to the success of the College. All are welcome.

Sherri with Anji and Zia, 2003

Sherri with Anji and Zia, 2003

15 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. <3 and I imagine a wife, waiting for her beloved Dave to join her when the time is right. xoxo

  2. Beautifully written, as always. You all amaze us with your perspective and wisdom in any circumstance.

  3. What a sweet, gentle honoring of a sweet, gentle spirit … Sherri. I imagine the sparkle in her eyes in the sparkle of the waters of the pond below my living room window, remembering our visits there … with love.

  4. So beautifully written. Thank you for sharing this with us. Lindsey and I plan to be at the Memorial Service.

    Our thoughts, prayers and love are with all of you!

    Joanne and Lindsey

  5. Thinking of all of you- and remembering Sherri’s calm and quiet soul that touched our lives.

    Thank you for sharing,
    Bob, Donna and Quinn

  6. Sincerest condolences to your family.
    Your thoughts and actions were heroic
    and inspiring. Sherri will be sorely missed
    And remembered sweetly.

  7. Rich and Deb Rumer said, Sherri and her family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Wish I had had the opportunity to have known Sherri she sounds like a remarkable person.

  8. I can’t quite believe she has made her transition. So many of us yearn to have her back but none more than her amazing family, I know. To say she changed my perspective on life and death is an understatement. Sherri is one of my greatest teachers. Thank you for allowing us in on the journey. Thinking of you all.

  9. Dear Dave, Zia and Angie,

    Happy Trails to Sherri, until we meet again.

    Love and hugs to you all!

    Bob and Joan

  10. I haven’t seen Sherri since the Rumer’s visited Ocean City during the summer when we were kids. My sisters and I always felts a special connection from one family of four sisters to another! Love to all.

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