Genetics RAP

The Genetics Risk Assessment Program (RAP) Rap:

Met with the team in clinical genetics

Identified the genes using nothing but phonetics

Ask me to name them and it will be pathetic | you’ll regret it | don’t go there just forget it.


There’s no silver-bullet¬†story, yo

We’ll tell you ’bout the glory, tho’

No mystery in the history | no  family-tree story | not to worry


Not passed down through the generations

Gotta find the configurations

Of the gene mutations | with the formation | for annihilation


Or in less artistic language, we received the results of Sherri’s genetic profile this week, and they were relatively inconclusive. There were no gene mutations identified that have any known correlation with cancer. This is good in that there is no indication that family members might share a predisposition to the cancers that Sherri has contracted. On the other hand, it doesn’t give us any additional actionable information to work with.

Still pending is additional profiling of the tumor cells for useful genetic information, but this is a separate process.

Meanwhile, we are back at FCCC for cocktails.

8 thoughts on “Genetics RAP

  1. Hey there, beloved Coopies — Haven’t checked in here for a while. SO HAPPY to see your October 3rd post about tumors shrinking! Continuing to pray my cancer-blasting prayers, and sending love and strength for the continuing journey. Love you! xox

  2. We’re en-rap-tured by the continued progress. Best wishes!
    Mom and Dad were duly impressed with your coping abilities last weekend. Keep up the great work.

    James, Missy and the gang

  3. OK – got the “storm” on my hotlinks – thanks Dave!

    Well – I had a really good day on Charter Day – best ever
    1) I learned how to fill a weather balloon with helium (more to that story)
    2) Had a blast with Kite Day – and just wait until next year!
    3) Got a first-hand update from Sherri while in formation (Charter Day Procession).
    It was such a sunny day – with perfect wind.

    Well – being an engineer at heart – I will conjure micro turbines that seek and destroy micro bad guys.
    They hum and dance to Dave’s Rap. But they also do other numbers to meet your mood. Let me know when they arrive.

    My very best wishes.

  4. We do a lot of songs at preschool but could use some good raps! Thanks for the smile-full updates! You are constantly in our thoughts and you have 60 preschoolers sending prayers your way! I am a true believer is “Kid Power”! Love you guys!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks for the update. Keep the pressure on those spastic cells. We admire your rap skills but are glad it was a written message. Don’t know if we could have handled the video. Love to you all.

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